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07/14/2020 - 07/19/2020
Pop-Up Sales
Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center
119 North Washington Sq
Suite 101
Lansing, MI 48915

In an effort to begin re-opening our space and continuing to support Michigan artists, we will be opening a pop-up shop downtown in front of the Gallery the week of July 14th.  Join Exhibitions and Gallery Sales Director Katrina Daniels for a day of Michigan-made art!  While there, your work will directly contribute to supporting Michigan artists through, the sale and packaging of artwork as well as general assistance of Gallery staff.  We are looking for 1 volunteer for each day (Tuesday thru Saturday), with our most urgent need days being Tuesday or Saturday.

Volunteers will be expected to wear a mask and follow social distancing recommendations to the best of their ability.  The Gallery is taking steps to better protect not only our staff but volunteers and customers alike.  Should you volunteer, we will have more information for you with regard to safety in the era of Covid-19. 

If you are interested in volunteering your time to support Michigan artists during this time, please apply today, and Operations Manager Kyle Richard will reach out with more information and to confirm your availability! 

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